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Commissioned Work - Jimi Hendrix

Another piece for a friend.

Expect a few more record posts soon. I've got a great Bowie one in the works.

A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live?

I’ve been thinking a lot about animal cages lately.

My two rats, Nim and Noi, are over due for a change in scenery. I bought an antique iron birdcage this summer and was able to bring it back to life with lots of tlc and a fresh coat of paint. The girls have yet to move in because their current wire and plastic home, while being less than lovely to look at, is much larger.
When the tv broke, we lucked into a new one that will necessitate rearranging the living room. Now is the perfect time to come up with a way to make the rats’ home both comfortable for them and aesthetically pleasing to me.
While searching for inspiration I came across this incredible creation.

The Duplex aquarium by Constance Guisset is a beautiful and poetic design. While not very practical (imagine changing the water and the potential mess from the birds) I think the concept is pure genius!

Guisset has also produced another spin on the aquarium/cage combo:

Straight Line Designs is anything but!

I love the playful furniture by Straight Line Designs featured in the Globe and Mail. The anthropomorphic pieces remind me of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

I am even more impressed with the Judson Beaumont’s company now that I know they are responsible for my all time favourite airport playground. Straight Line Designs created the adorable garden maze I have spent many an hour admiring in the Vancouver International Airport.

I’m dreaming of… Artistic Walls

I’m so in love with the beautiful designs at Trove.

I’m particularly taken with “indi”

I’ve also been day dreaming about forced-perspective illusions, such as in this incredible instructable.

And then it struck me: imagine them together!

Birds in flight would not only be an incredibly interesting illusion, they would also likely look good as abstract shapes when seen from many different angles.

Now to find a suitable location for this project…

Commissioned Work - Aretha clock

I'm still buzzing from the inauguration ceremonies...

Commissioned Work - Barack Obama

I’ve received two requests for records featuring the president-elect.

I don’t get it. While I love how iconic this image is, I don’t see how Obama makes sense on a record. Perhaps I should have suggested a better canvas, but they do look cool.

More Pop Bottle Inspiration

I’ve run across some more beautiful pop bottle creations since yesterday’s post.

These incredible pieces were made by Gülnur Özdağlar.

I kinda have a thing for jellyfish…

I found more awesome plastic bottle jellyfish made by Miwa Koizumi over here.

Commissioned work - Meet the Beatles Clock

My last Christmas piece was for my little brother to give to his girlfriend.

He wanted the Beatles and I wanted another opportunity to try a clock as I wasn’t happy with how I glued the last one down (never use hot glue anywhere near vinyl!).

Krazy glue works much better and the only things I would change if I could do it again would be making the clock hands more visible and adding “The Beatles” to the lower left side.

I’m dreaming of… Flowers from Pop Bottles

Michelle Brand makes incredibly beautiful curtains from a curiously common material: plastic pop bottles.

I’m imagining this technique could be used to make a very pretty chandelier. Sounds like just the project for my new hotknife

Commissioned work - Elvis

Another record I finished over the holidays.

While I was really excited about this one, I'm not thrilled with how it turned out. It's just not "Elvis" enough, know what I mean?