The Great Glebe

Chris and I woke up bright and early after Friday’s party. We probably could have used some more time to recover from the previous night’s mayhem, but there was no way I was going to miss out on our Saturday plans.

Saturday was the annual Great Glebe Garage Sale.

We spent all morning pulling my little red wagon through the crowded streets, checking out all the deals and wishing we lived in such a cool neighbourhood.

We found some really great pieces and hauled it all home on the wagon.
I got new and improved living quarters for Nim and Noi.

It’ll need some tlc, but the girls are going to love having all that extra space.
Cost: $2
We also found the coolest leather suitcase I’ve ever seen.
The previous owner’s last name started with a Z!
I can’t wait to do something awesome with it.
Cost: $10
I also grabbed several wooden frames for silk screening for 25 cents each, a couple clocks to use in my records for a dollar a piece, and Chris found a styling silk tie for a twoonie.


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