TV progress

As per a previous post, I had big plans to steampunk my broken television.

To fit with the rest of my living room’s look (or at least what I would like the living room to look like) I decided to go for something a little less Wild Wild West, a little more Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

I started with a broken tv and a cheap ikea-esque tv stand I got from some friends when they moved last summer.

fabulously free

At first I didn’t have much luck while looking to buy some cool table legs but then I found a great little end table on kijiji to give it some midcentury flair.

midcentury mod kijiji find

Chris and I attached the two pieces together and then spray painted the whole thing a sexy high-gloss black.


We wanted to fit in a bunch of electronic stuff along with the television. It was a tight squeeze but by taking everything out of the cases, we were able to get it in.

taking things apartputting it all together

After securing everything inside the cabinet, we traced out where we needed openings and Chris carefully cut a sheet of foam core to size.

Cutting out the foam core

More photos and progress coming soon!


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