We Are America is still playing in my head

One of the best parts of this weekend was volunteering with Apathy is Boring at the Caledonia Show.

Not only is their new album awesome (don’t believe me? read the reviews here & here) but the guys in the band are all really cool. As if teaming up with A is B wasn’t enough, they also make their own merch by silk screening on Value Village finds.

Political activism and upcycled shirts in vintage suitcases… swoon…

I also got a chance to chat with Francois from Apartment 613, a blog “on a mission to find the greatest events, thinkers, tips and commentary on life and happenings in Ottawa.” Definitely one worth following.


Unknown said…
Hey! Just found your blog. Nice meeting you at Caledonia, it was indeed a really fun show...I'll be posting the interview i did with Zac before they come back to Ottawa in July.



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