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Steady as Abraham Lincoln; ready as Martin Luther King

Obama remains my most popular request.

Here he is, as a clock, for a coworker.

I still feel like there must be a better canvas for him.
Then again, he does have a certain rock star quality to him…

Forget Obama Girl, Ani Difranco sings it best:

Where else would you see Ludacris open for Lynyrd Skynyrd?

I’m still recovering from Bluesfest.

Despite being on crutches for my first few shifts, I had a fantastic time volunteering again this year.

Some highlights:

Going backstage for The Dead Weather. Chris and I were within spitting distance of Jack White. So cool.Getting to see the big acts for free. Would I be willing to shell out for KISS concert tickets? Probably not. Was it an awesome show? Hell yes. Same goes for Stone Temple Pilots and Lynyrd Skynyrd.Scoring Gold Circle tickets for the last day. Being a volunteer sometimes comes with incredible perks like being this close to the stage for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.Watching my favourite musicians and discovering new ones to love. I knew that Metric and Sam Roberts would rock but I was amazed by some shows I just stumbled into such as That 1 Guy.

I shouldn’t be so tempted…

I have recently discovered that used school buses are very cheap. There are several for sale in Ottawa for under $3000.

If I’m not careful, I’ll soon wind up in something like this.

We're navigators, we're aviators, eatin' taters, masturbatin' alligators, bombardiers, we got no fears, won't shed no tears, we're pushin' the frontiers of transcendental perception...

If only all magic bus riders were as cute as Jim Sturgess

A hutch to live up to his name

With a name like Eames, how could this adorable bunny have anything other than a stylish hutch?
I love this ikea hack by Nicole at designcuriosities (found via Design*Sponge). Tiling the bottom is brilliant.

While spacious, Nim and Noi’s current cage isn’t very stylish. Especially now that I’ve had to cover some sections with wire mesh and twist ties as they’ve discovered how to break out between some of the wider spaced bars. I would love to give the girls something this cool.

Canada Day Recap

The sleepy civil servant city that it is, Ottawa doesn’t really know how to party. But you have to give the capital props for trying really hard on Canada Day.
Some fun things I did this July 1st : watched the Snowbirds flyby from my roof
ogled some cool crafts in Major’s Hill ParkTrying on a very expensive wool mask by Denise RichardPapier maché awesomeness by Marie-Josée Brideaumarveled at the eclectic collection of buskers
hung out on the Hill sporting patriotic coloursbody painting by Chriswatched the fireworks!

Any excuse to go shoe shopping

Last weekend we went camping in Algonquin Park with some friends.
It was a great chance for Chris and I to test out some of the survival stuff we're bringing to Burning Man.

Isn't our tent cute? It's just big enough to fit our double air mattress (with built in foot pump for only $15 on sale!).We got an awesome canoe-in campsite not far from High Falls, where there's a cool natural waterslide.Julia slidingMy turnUnfortunately, on our way back from the falls, I slipped on a rock and broke my toe. Looks like I won't be playing ultimate for a while.On the bright side, since my swollen toe wouldn't fit in any of my shoes, I had to go pick up some of the gladiator sandals I've been coveting since they were all the rage with the cool kids at Bluesfest last year. Naturally, I bought two pairs.