Any excuse to go shoe shopping

Last weekend we went camping in Algonquin Park with some friends.
It was a great chance for Chris and I to test out some of the survival stuff we're bringing to Burning Man.

Isn't our tent cute? It's just big enough to fit our double air mattress (with built in foot pump for only $15 on sale!).

We got an awesome canoe-in campsite not far from High Falls, where there's a cool natural waterslide.

Julia sliding

My turn

Unfortunately, on our way back from the falls, I slipped on a rock and broke my toe. Looks like I won't be playing ultimate for a while.

On the bright side, since my swollen toe wouldn't fit in any of my shoes, I had to go pick up some of the gladiator sandals I've been coveting since they were all the rage with the cool kids at Bluesfest last year. Naturally, I bought two pairs.


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