Bing it on

Chris and I are apartment shopping.
I still can’t believe that I’m leaving my beloved Hoos, but it’s a done deal. I sent in my two months notice on Wednesday so there’s no turning back now.

When I agreed to move in with Chris I gave him a list of conditions.

I would only move out of my fabulous apartment if the new place had

  • cheaper rent
  • space for a studio/sewing room
  • at least one balcony (I can’t very well go from 3 balconies to zero)
  • a big bathtub (I love my claw foot tub)
  • room for the washer and dryer (I don’t do laundromats)
  • hardwood floors
  • a location within walking distance of work

So we’ve been searching Craigslist, Kijiji, Used Ottawa and all the rental company sites for the last few weeks. Which brings me to the lame pun in the title.

Bing Maps is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google and everything they do, but until Street View comes to Ottawa, Bing’s bird’s eye view is the next best thing. It saved us from wasting time going to view so many places that we could tell we didn’t like from the aerial images and got us to pay closer attention to some places with little info in their ads.

We’ve sent in our application for a cute 1.5 bedroom in this old house that meets 5 of my 7 requirements. The price is just sweet enough to make up for the missing two. The landlord is going to let us know if we get it today.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Unknown said…
That's awesome. Bing maps do look good. I hear recently though Google has released it's roadmap in parts of Canada as well. I was searching for an apt few months ago, posted an ad on as well as but was missing the roadmap to indicate exactly where I am looking for a place. Wish it existed earlier.
Allison said…
Google street view is now available for Ottawa and while it's a couple months too late, it's just about the best thing ever for house hunting.

Being able to virtually tour a new neighbourhood is so awesome.

I'm hopping we'll be at the new place for a while (it's already feeling like home) but this will sure make it easier when we want to leave.

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