I'd tap that

Behold the wonder that is the watermelon keg!

After seeing this, I knew I needed to try it for my next party. This Sunday was the perfect summer day to do a test run before our Midsummer Night's Dream Pajama Party.

Andrea was kind enough to escort me to Home Depot where I picked up the following essential pieces:
-Hose Bibb, Quarter Turn (that's the tap)
-Faucet Lock Nuts (those black circles)
-Brass Pipe Nipple 1/2" (the piece with threads on both ends)
-Coupling 1/2" (what looks like a hex nut)

For the trial run we found an adorable baby seedless watermelon at the grocery store that was the perfect size for 2.
We cut the top off like you would with a pumpkin.We scooped out all the delicious watermelon inside.Chris used a drill bit to start a hole where the tap would go.He cut the hole to size with a paring knife.The perfect fit for the coupling.We connected the hardware.All the watermelon guts went into the blender. We then strained the juice and added a generous amount of vodka before pouring it back into our melon.Delicious.


Peggasus said…
That is SOOOO cool! I'm going to do this at a tailgate this fall.

Well Done!
Naarya said…
aweesome!! really cool idea!
Unknown said…
Clever. I've poked holes and filled watermelon with vokda, or cut up the fruit and soaked it, but never tapped one! Congrats on your fame. :P
Anonymous said…
Why not use a large watermelon? or pumpkin even?
markh said…
I tried it but friends got to the vodka first, so it was just melo juice ;o(
Allison said…
This was just a trial run to make sure it worked!

We used a bigger melon for the party. You can see it here.

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