Partying in our PJs

Our Midsummer Night’s Dream Pajama Party was so much fun. We transformed the living room into the site for a magical slumber party and enjoyed spiked watermelon juice well into the early hours of the morning.

What we wore: I found a beautiful 1960s nightgown set at Ragtime; very Betty Draper, even though I only wore the gown since summer has finally hit Ottawa. I started the night with my fairy wings on, but it wasn’t long before they were gracing the backs of other party guests. Chris paired his donkey ears with a swinging smoking jacket we found on our big Value Village spending spree. My roommate Mike rocked a housecoat and a pussy willow circlet he made himself. Our guests joined in on the sleepwear fun in varying degrees of undress.

Most popular drink: Am I really going to mention
the watermelon keg again? Sorry. It was just that awesome.

How we set the stage: Most of the furniture was moved upstairs in order to clear the way for the queen-sized futon that dominated the living room. It was the perfect place to curl up with a stuffed animal and read vintage Seventeen magazines under the star-shaped twinkling lights and fake flowers.

Lord, what fools these mortals be!


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