The poor little bunny had no idea what was coming

Aww… isn’t this stuffed bunny we found at Value Village cute?How about we cut off his ears!My roommate Mike watched, horrified, as I took my sewing scissors to the top of Mr. Bunny’s head. He didn’t believe me when I told him we could put the ears to better use.It was so worth it. Just look at Chris making an ass of himself as Bottom at our Midsummer Night's Dream PJ Party!

Plus they'll be great for the Billion Bunny March at Burning Man.


Meg said…
The good news is that if you decide you need a lucky rabbit's foot, he won't hear you sneaking up on him...

I know, I know, wahn wahn wahhhhhn.
Mr Bunny's ears are gone!
Thanks for making me laugh.

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