Upclycled gifts

A big part of Burning Man is the gift economy.

Not wanting to be left out, Chris and I have made a bunch of gifts to give the new friends we’ll meet on the playa.

First up, Bandanas

I’m pretty proud of these. We wanted to make sure that what we gave away didn’t become junk and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that gifts are useful.

What could be more useful in the dessert than a bright red bandana?!? You can use it to hold your hair back, to wipe the sweat off your face, to cover your mouth and nose in a dust storm or you can soak it in water to help cool yourself down…

So where did we get a bunch of cool bandanas to give away? My linen closet.

My mom is an amazing shopper and she finds the most incredible deals. She’s always on the lookout for red kitchen accessories since she knows how much I love them, and a while ago she found me a set of red cloth napkins and placemats. I love them, but in all the time I’ve had them, I’ve only used them twice. How often am I really going to use a dozen cloth napkins? I don’t even have a dinning table.

But the red material is perfect for bandanas! It was already hemmed and the right size, all we needed to was jazz it up a bit with some silk screening.

This is my favourite part, we printed horns and lips on the bandanas so they can be worn two ways. If you’re wearing it on your head, it looks like you have a pair of devil horns but as soon as you see a storm coming, you can just flip it down and lick your fangs in the face of the blowing sand.

Please forgive these really terrible photos. I didn't want them to look so creepy\lame, I just suck at taking pictures of myself.


Unknown said…
Those are great! After 4 years at Burning Man, I've only come across useful gifts a few times (besides food and water of course). These were a great idea and look fabulous! Wish we could have run into you on the playa!

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