We're going to Burning Man. Whatever shall we wear? Part 2

More outfits for Burning Man!

This one's for me.

-Pants from Value Village
-Tank tops and Roxy shoes from my closet
-Goggles from Irving Rivers, painted silver by Chris
-Arm warmers made from a pair of tights I had kicking around

Silky smooth.

-Vest, slippers and shiny skirt from Value Village
-Purse and glasses from my closet

I love the parasol (a gift from Thailand), but I don't think we have room to pack it.

Chris = green man

-T-shirt and shorts from Old Navy
-Mask made by Chris out of left over decorations from our last house party!

Pajama fairies! This might look a little familiar...

-Vintage nightgown set from Ragtime

-Housecoat from Value Village
-Pajama pants from Giant Tiger

-Wings made out of garden decorations

Another cavegirl ensemble

-Boots and cuffs made from Value Village fun fur coat
-Children's fun fur vest from Value Village
-Skirt and top from my closet


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