Upclycled gifts part 2

I ran out of time to post about some our Burning Man prep before Burning Man, so I figured I might as well do it now.

While the bandanas we made were really cool, we weren't sure if we'd have enough to give to everyone we met in Black Rock City, so Chris and I also made some shrinky dink pendants to hand out.

I've been collecting used #6 plastic salad take out containers from the coffee shop near where I work, so we had lots of plastic to work with.
Chris and I traced images of the Man from the Survival Guide onto the plastic with different coloured sharpies. We also drew a bunch of original designs and traced other pictures we liked.
After cutting out the drawings and punching holes at the top, we put them in the oven and watched them wriggle then shrink.When the tiny pendants cooled, we coated them with polyurethane and hung them to dry. All we had to do was add some jump rings and they were ready for necklaces.

You can see me wearing some here if you can get past the "I don't do mornings" face.


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