Let the light shine in!

Our new apartment has some great old features including cute transom windows over all the doors.

At some point, someone must not have liked the windows as much as we do. When we moved in they were all painted over!

Luckily it was nothing a little paint scraper couldn't fix.

One down, another to go...

It was time consuming but well worth it as the hallway is looking much brighter already.

hard at work

Unfortunately the glass above the bedroom door is broken so we'll need to come up with a different plan for that one.

Regardless, those paint scrapers are about to get quite the workout. Now that the windows are done, we're going to try to uncover the tile in the kitchen.


infernisdiem said…
put a mirror on it... might not let light in... but will reflect it around
ginger said…
Is it easy to remove? You can always take it down and take it to a window place to repair. Hardware stores (the little ones!) repair windows all the time, they can hook you up :)

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