What we've got to work with

I'm still stiff and sore but the move went relatively well on Wednesday. Yes it took forever because two days really wasn't enough time for me to pack up 3 years of accumulated junk, but the whole ordeal was casualty free if not totally painless.

Here's what the place looked like before I filled it with cardboard boxes and disassembled furniture:

Front Hall
These stairs look very long when you've got another box of records to carry up them

Living Room
That ceiling fan has got to go!
The previous tenants left us their bed (and some other stuff), but freecycle took care of that in no time
Chris takes note of the situation

The stove is rather inconveniently placed in front of some cupboards.

The fridge is also in a strange location

Who thought this would be a good combo?!
The place does come with some pretty cool retro features including big baseboards, cool textured ceilings and pretty air vents.


ginger said…
Love it! Your new space looks a lot like the house I just got with my hub - so I will have to watch your blog closely and steal your ideas :)
Unknown said…
What was the program your brother used to do the 3D drafting?
Allison said…
Chipdox, are you referring to the Google Sketchup drawings of our apartment?

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