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Next time, bring more business cards

Today I woke up at an ungodly hour to drag my little red wagon full of painted records in to work. Despite the early start, I think my first craft sale was a great success! I came very close to selling out completely and  I've got a whole pile of orders to keep me busy until Christmas.

If this is any indication of how well my records will sell at Tarts n' Crafts I'd better bring more product. Lots more product.

If you've found this blog through my business card or the handwritten contact info I handed out on scraps of paper after I ran out of business cards, thanks so much for making my first craft sale experience so enjoyable! If you're looking for pictures of my painted records, they can be found here.

And for those of you who weren't at the Christmas craft sale, this is what was right next to my table:

Penis cozies

You’d need a sturdy table

I love the look of these lamp bases made from stacked vinyl records but just think of how heavy they must be!

LAUREL & HARDY by 1961 Eco Design

Rock Band Rock Off Trophy

Last night I finished a trophy for a charity Beatles Rock Band tournament. I made the base out of a piece of another record and the "trophy" record slips into notches on the side so it can be taken apart if they'd rather display in on a wall.

It took forever, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Have you seen the intro to the game? So EPIC.

At least we're not too tall for ties

I was rather disappointed when I discovered that the dress I've been coveting at Victoire doesn't fit me. It's just too short for my tall frame.

I was hoping to have better luck at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale today. I've been looking forward to this year's vintage sale at the Chateau Laurier since Chris and I went last year and found some incredible pieces (including the dress I wore to the Hoos holiday party).

Unfortunately Chris and I aren't vintage sized and we didn't find much that would fit.

But the people watching alone was worth the $8 admission and we did get Chris some pretty cool skinny ties.
These ties, a steal at $25 for all 3, are from Ian Drummond Collection and were actually worn by the extras in Hairspray!

Like a Rolling Stone 2

Remember when I said I was working on a set of Rolling Stones records?

Keith Richards

I've finally finished the second one!

I should have lots of painted records to post in the next few weeks as I'm trying to build up a stock to bring to Tarts n' Crafts.

I could really use a new sewing machine...

A Dremel would be pretty sweet too.

I've posted an instructable for Andrea's carried away mermaid costume and entered all three of my costume instructables in the Halloween Contest.

Please help me get that much closer to a sewing machine that doesn't jam by voting for my costumes here!

Freecycle karma

It seems that whenever I help someone out through Freecycle I wind up later getting something great for myself.

Last week I gave someone a router and the very next day I was lucky enough to get this awesome typewriter.
Isn't it cute?
I'm looking forward to using it for greeting cards.

Now that the costume craziness is over, Chris and I have finally started to set up the apartment and we're discovering more and more stuff we don't have room to keep. This weekend our porch looked like under a Christmas tree with rows of bags labeled with different names.

I hope my lucky streak doesn't continue or I'll wind up bringing in more than we got rid of!

Ludo how to

I've posted a step-by-step guide to how we made Chris' Ludo costume over on

Halloween Costume Wrap-up

So here's what we wore this year:

Before our "real" costumes were finished, we rocked the pirate look (again) for a house party.
Admiral Allison

Chris the buccaneer

This weekend we stepped it up a notch.

Trying to turn my Medusa self to stone


Mermaid Andrea carried away by a pirate

We didn't win another trip to Mexico, but Andrea's costume came 3rd at the Great Pumpkin Ball.