At least we're not too tall for ties

I was rather disappointed when I discovered that the dress I've been coveting at Victoire doesn't fit me. It's just too short for my tall frame.

I was hoping to have better luck at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale today. I've been looking forward to this year's vintage sale at the Chateau Laurier since Chris and I went last year and found some incredible pieces (including the dress I wore to the Hoos holiday party).

Unfortunately Chris and I aren't vintage sized and we didn't find much that would fit.

But the people watching alone was worth the $8 admission and we did get Chris some pretty cool skinny ties.
These ties, a steal at $25 for all 3, are from Ian Drummond Collection and were actually worn by the extras in Hairspray!


These ties looks very good. So sad you did not find anything that fits at "the dress I've been coveting at Victoire."

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