Halloween Costume Wrap-up

So here's what we wore this year:

Before our "real" costumes were finished, we rocked the pirate look (again) for a house party.
Admiral Allison

Chris the buccaneer

This weekend we stepped it up a notch.

Trying to turn my Medusa self to stone


Mermaid Andrea carried away by a pirate

We didn't win another trip to Mexico, but Andrea's costume came 3rd at the Great Pumpkin Ball.


Lovin' all of the costumes! Yay pirates! Found you via Dabbled.org.
Dot said…
Great work... I've posted a link to your costumes on Dabbled.
Lynniemay said…
This is sooo SHARP!!
Kristin said…
Medusa...what a freaking killer costume!

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