I could really use a new sewing machine...

A Dremel would be pretty sweet too.

I've posted an instructable for Andrea's carried away mermaid costume and entered all three of my costume instructables in the Halloween Contest.

Please help me get that much closer to a sewing machine that doesn't jam by voting for my costumes here!


RyanRobot99 said…
Wow! This is the best costume i've seen this year. Hands down! I found a link to your blog from an instructables.com news letter. I look forward to seeing more awesomeness.
Unknown said…

I'm writing from the Niagara Artists' Centre in St. Catharines. I just saw this outfit on Instructables. We have an annual Wearable Art Show. There are nine prizes of $250. Although the deadline for submissions has passed, we'd accept your stuff if you were interested. Here's a link to our site and some info on the show: http://www.nac.org/strutt.html

It's the largest Wearable Art Show in Canada.


Stephen Remus
Niagara Artists Centre
Unknown said…
Love it - and I voted for you!!! You are sure to win the sewing machine - great job!!

I have also entered the contest to for grossed food!!!

here is my instructable

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