Next time, bring more business cards

Today I woke up at an ungodly hour to drag my little red wagon full of painted records in to work. Despite the early start, I think my first craft sale was a great success! I came very close to selling out completely and  I've got a whole pile of orders to keep me busy until Christmas.

If this is any indication of how well my records will sell at Tarts n' Crafts I'd better bring more product. Lots more product.

If you've found this blog through my business card or the handwritten contact info I handed out on scraps of paper after I ran out of business cards, thanks so much for making my first craft sale experience so enjoyable! If you're looking for pictures of my painted records, they can be found here.

And for those of you who weren't at the Christmas craft sale, this is what was right next to my table:

 Penis cozies


Meg said…
Glad to see the little red wagon's still kicking-- and congrats on your first craft sale!
rungloriarun said…
wow, that's great! congratulations! i saw a some similar artwork in Berlin that i bought...should have known that i could have saved myself the trouble of carrying them across the continent in my luggage and just bought some nifty vinyl art from you!

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