Record rundown

I've been painting like crazy over the last week to have enough records to bring to Ladyfest's Tarts N' Crafts Holiday Sale.  I'm so glad that it was all worth it. Chris and I had a great day at the sale.

Here's some of what we brought with us:


Pink Floyd's Division Bell

Sparkly David Bowie

Jim Morrison

Photo crasher Simone was a little disappointed that she didn't get to come to Tarts N' Crafts too.

All my blog posts about painted records can be found here.


Tess Carter said…
lol! too cute!! just like my pesky dog indeed! we should get them together and let them battle it out for #1 ham lol
Red said…
Wow! I've been looking over your records, and they're amazing! How do you do them in such detail? (Instructable?)
Allison said…
Lots of patience, a sharp x-acto knife and small paint brushes are key.
Red said…
Ah, the first one might be a problem...

Great work though!

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