Wish list

Dear Santa

How are things at the North Pole?

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written to you, but you know how busy I’ve been.

Come christmastime, I usually ask for very practical gifts like power tools and towels, but now that Chris and I are living together in our new apartment, we’ve got more linens and tools than we have space to put them in.

So, since we’re so close (remember back when I worked as a mall elf?), I hope you don’t mind that I’m asking for some rather out there items.

For Christmas I would like:

1. Powerstrider stilts - Just imagine how much faster my walk to work would be! For on the playa, Halloween or just a stroll around Ottawa, jumping stilts would be so awesome.

2. a pith helmet - I seem to remember asking for a safari hat when I was in elementary school. Maybe you’ll have an easier time bringing me one now that they are so readily available on the internet.

if you really want something more sensible,

3. a turn table - I probably shouldn’t admit it, but currently I have over 800 records and no way to play them.

4. camping gear - You can’t go wrong with camping stuff for Burning Man.


5. warm mitts, scarves and tuques - It’s cold in Ottawa!

If you're still stuck for ideas, absolutely anything in my etsy favourites would be a safe bet.

No matter what you bring me, I’m sure I’ll love it.

Happy Holidays!


PS: Surely stilts are nothing compared to the puppy you brought me in 1989


RealGrouchy said…
You guys still need a turntable? I can see if I can get my spare to work. It's been sitting in the "to discard" pile for years...

- RG>

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