Going green

Our first Green Bin pick up is this week!

I've been looking forward to this for months. Now that we can compost almost everything, including kitty litter and Kleenex, there's almost nothing left to throw in the trash. The only thing that still goes in our garbage can regularly is the unavoidable, non-recyclable plastic that unfortunately comes with most products.

Now we just need to find a better source for paper kitchen waste bags as the ones from Hartman's are rather pricey.


RealGrouchy said…
You haven't seen the instructions for making your own from newspapers? If you know origami, it's a large version of what I grew up knowing as "paper cup".

That, or use paper take-out bags. (Though you've probably figured something out since posting this)

- RG>
Allison said…
The trouble is, we don't get any newspapers (we get our news online or at work).

We've been using take out bags and cheap paper lunch bags, but we might switch to the origami option if we have some extra newsprint on hand.

Thanks for the tip!

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