Never underestimate the appeal of dinosaurs

I'm building a dinosaur. It's one of those crazy project ideas that got stuck in my head and now I'm determined to actually do it. And I don't want just any dinosaur, I want a life sized dinosaur that I can ride on.

I've been doing some research online and watching every dinosaur movie I can get my hands on (yes, that includes all 3 Jurassic Park movies) but that didn't quite cut it. I decided I needed to go see some real dinosaurs to get a better understanding of their scale.

Chris and I made plans to go to the Nature Museum but as soon as we told anyone we were headed there they eagerly asked to join us. Before we knew it we had so many friends interested it warranted a group reservation!

Our dinosaur hunting expedition turned out to be a great success and I can't wait to go back to the museum after their grand reopening in May.

The photos I took didn't turn out great because I had my camera settings all wrong, but they're still going to be very helpful when it comes to getting my dino details right.


real fossil of dinosaur skin (I added the penny for scale)
Chris was surprised by how small their eyes were

Baby T.Rex foot


ginger said…
You better post pictures of the process!!! I can't wait to see it :)
Red said…
Yay! Dinosaurs!

You are the greatest!

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