Quarter Life Crisis

I just got an invitation to the 10 year reunion of my exchange to Belgium. Starting way back in the year 2000, I spent one of the best years of my life living not far from Li├Ęge on a Rotary Youth Exchange.

While the invitation brought up many pleasant memories it’s also got me feeling really old.

Just last night, Chris and I were up late talking about things we want to do and places we’d like to go. Pretty soon commitments to work and a house are going to prevent us from doing whatever we want. In many ways they already do.

According to this article I’m relatively well adjusted (although much of it resonates with me), but I’m still feeling a push to take advantage of being young and stupid while I still can.

So I just might end up buying a school bus after all. Forget the convertible, this crisis calls for something a little funkier.

Now to convince Chris that it’s a good idea to take off the entire summer for an epic roadtrip…


rungloriarun said…
oh my god, lady, i love the conclusions that you get to resolve your quarter-life crises. mine are boring and horrible in comparison: "maybe i should start working suit skirts."
Anonymous said…
I very much suggest you be "young and stupid" while you can. Buy that bus. It is much easier to cease the stupidity and grow up, than it is to loose the shackles of responsibility (like a mortgage).

Unless, of course, you have buckets of money.

My quiz was equal As, Cs and "none of the above..."

It summed itself up nicely with "...largely a middle-class, Stuff White People Like kind of problem..."

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