Light of My Life

Inspired by the tutorial on Design*Sponge, I made Chris a little Valentines gift with a steampunk twist.

Baby, you can turn me on...

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ginger said…
Ooooh, how did you make the little metal plate?
Allison said…
It's just a little scrap of cardboard covered in aluminum foil. I rubbed a bit of black paint over it to show off the writing.

I was going to type it up on the typewriter but we haven't got a ribbon for it yet.
RealGrouchy said…
If you haven't already, you can get typewriter ribbon at Staples for four or five bucks (or at least you could when I got my typewriter back in '05).

Total ripoff, considering I got the typewriter for only $2 at a garage sale! And here we thought it started with Injet printers!

I went through a phase where I typed up my blog entries and scanned them. Unfortunately that was also when my entries tended to be about pretty inane stuff.

Aluminium foil on cardboard--great effect!

- RG>
Anonymous said…
What did you use to glue all of the pieces and the light bulb to the thermos top? I am starting a project involving gluing bolts and pieces of metal to a metal surface and not sure how to go about doing it. Thanks
Allison said…
Because it was going to sit on display and didn't need to be very strong I just used a glue gun to stick it all together.

A two-part epoxy would be a much safer bet if you want your metal bits to stay together.

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