The Prom is on!

Tickets are now on sale for Promdemonium 2010!

Chris and I went shopping for our outfits this weekend and I found an awesome mod 60s mini dress at Ragtime.


I've taken off the sleeves and altered it a bit at the waist. Now I just need to decide whether or not I should take down the hem to make it an inch longer.


I can't wait to pair it with a super cute headband with matching boutonniere for Chris. I've ordered a kit from Princess Lasertron and I'm really looking forward to making some felt flowers. The end result should look like this only in mint greens and chocolate browns.

As usual, we had a hard time finding anything to fit Chris. I had high hopes for this jacket, but my emails to seller 19 Vintage Clothing have gone unanswered.

Hopefully we can find something similarly awesome. Otherwise he might need to break out the tux t-shirt!

Promdemonium 2009


Anonymous said…
That is one short skirt! Don't bend over! :-)

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