Felt flowers to the rescue!

I did something stupid.
I melted a hole in my prom dress.

To appease anonymous blog readers and my mother (and lessen the likelihood of wardrobe malfunctions) I took down the hem on my micro mini dress. All was going well until I tried ironing out the crease. I started off really safe, using a damp tea towel and low setting, but it wasn't working so I started getting frustrated and kept turning up the heat...

Disaster! But all was not lost...

Princess Lasertron's felt flowers to the rescue!

I originally ordered the materials to make a headband and matching boutonniere but they turned out to be just what I needed to patch my dress.

I put three flowers on my dress and I still had enough pieces to make some accessories too.

boutonniere for Chris
wrist corsage and hair clip for me

We had a blast at Promdemonium and I can't wait for next year!


Mary Beth said…
What a CLEVER girl you are! And, that is just my favorite color green! You look beautiful in your dress.
Nat said…
Wow. I am pretty sure I'm not crafty enough to be reading this blog.

What an awesome way to fix the dress.
Amanda said…
That turned out so cute! Good job saving your dress.

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