Furby deconstruction

I guess I have a habit of taking apart cute stuffed animals.

I recently took apart two Furby Babies I picked up on kijiji for $5. Unfortunately, Furby Autopsy wasn't much help since the Furby Babies are put together in a different way, but I was able to figure it out.

Much like the full-sized Furbys (funky pluralization, I know...), Furby Babies have one motor that runs a bunch of gears to get all the adorable animations moving in sequence. When you get rid of the circuits that control when the motor starts and stops it simply cycles through all the motions continuously. It's this feature that I plan to exploit for my dinosaur.

Did I forget to mention that the dinosaur I'm building is going to be animatronic?

In case you're wondering, I've already given away everything from the pressure sensors to the Furby pelts on freecycle. I'm hoping they'll be used to build an awesome robot but they might just wind up as misguided cyberpunk art.


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