Great Glebe Finds

I love the Great Glebe Garage Sale. In terms of exciting annual events, it's right up there with Christmas (although nowhere close to Halloween).

We got off to a bit of a late start, but Chris and I still managed to find some real treasures to bring home in the little red wagon.
Cute blue retro luggage set that looks mostly unused. Cost: $15 for all 4 pieces

Funky old film reels ($1 for both!), a felt hat ($1.50) and a wooden frame for silk screening (50 cents).

Military badges ($5), a glass dome ($2) and a cute bottle (50 cents).

Speakers for the stereo a friend very generously gave to us a few months ago ($35).

Finally, a tulip table base for only $10! We need a bar height table for the kitchen, so this piece is too short to use as-is, but I'm sure we can come up with a way to make it work.

I'm glad we didn't have as far of a walk as last year, it was quite a load for our little wagon!


LauraA said…
Nice! I bought a fantastic, never been used picnic set for only $15. I love the Glebe garage sale!
Me said…
I LOVE the luggage!!
(your blog is entertaining too.)
ginger said…
I took to my bike for the sale - scored a full matching light fixture set (ART DECO!). Chandelier, two sconces, two ceiling fixtures - $40. $40!
Anonymous said…
Those are some amazing finds! You're obviously better at this than I am.

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