Third time's the charm

After trying unsuccessfully to get in on a Bank of Canada tour two years in a row, I finally managed to wake up early enough on Doors Open Sunday to get one of the sought after tickets. In all honesty, it likely had more to do with the rain than my ability to drag myself out of bed before 10am.

While we weren't allowed to take any photos once inside, I dig snag a few pictures in the atrium. For 1970s office towers, the East and West blocks were pretty cool, but I was a little disappointed to see that renovations had robbed the old building of many of its art deco details. The fully restored boardroom was a beautiful exception.

I love these LED light bulbs!

I also saw the Fleet Street Pumping Station.

Built in 1874, it is still pumping 40% of the city's drinking water, all powered by the force of river water running through its aqueduct.


Interesting pumping station! It's called a "ram pump" and uses no power. I didn't know they made them this big. The force of the water is used to pump a small amount of water. 85% of the water does not make it uphill, but the other 15% does.

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