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Painted pop bottle flowers

Another take on pop bottle flowers spotted in Anthropologie. Isn't the spray paint a nice touch?

I first posted about pop bottle flowers over a year ago and I still haven't gotten around to making some for myself. I'd better add it to my growing to do list.

"Where Lesbian Separatist Commune Meets Storybook Gardens"

Our trip to Toronto to pick up the doomed GMC wasn't a total loss. While vehicle shopping was an epic fail, we enjoyed a lovely little mini vacation and I gained a new appreciation for the city.

We stayed at the Gladstone Hotel, a boutique hotel with 37 rather unique artist-designed rooms. Our room, 304, featured a floor to ceiling furry carpet mural of naked ladies frolicking in a valley. Designed by Allyson Mitchell (who also did the large sculpture we're posing in front of in this post), the room was interesting, to say the least, and surprisingly cozy.

the "fairy glen"
The Gladstone is in a cool hipster neighbourhood filled with neat shops, restaurants and bars. We enjoyed delicious bison burgers and spiked lemonade at Stampede Bison Grill before ordering their incredible vegetarian poutine to take back to the hotel with us. Why is good food in Toronto so much cheaper than in Ottawa?
why yes, those are CN Tower nipples
The hotel was hosting a burlesque festival, so o…

7 Reasons Douglas Coupland is Awesome

1. He coined the term Generation X

2. He wrote Microserfs and many other awesome books

3. He lives in this house.

4. He is responsible for JPod, the best series ever to be prematurely cancelled by the CBC

5. He gets away with publishing novels that include 41 pages of nothing but pi

6. Two words: pixelated whale

and, finally,

7. He designed my new favourite casual dress.

A-Team dreams crushed

While it's no school bus, I was pretty excited when our search for a road trip vehicle lead us to this 1990 Vandura. The price was right and the dealership said that it was in great working order and they would even guarantee it for 3 years.

We traveled to Toronto to Karmann Fine Cars (on the corner of sweet Jane & St. Clair) where the very friendly salesman showed us the vehicle. The van sounded good and we weren't bothered by the fact that the rear view mirror was in the cup holder and the bright green bondo wasn't even finished setting. We keep imaging how great it would be to add a spoiler and red racing stripe.

The dream didn't last long... much like the test drive.

Before we even hit the highway, the power steering and air conditioning blew out. We crawled back to the dealership with the 4 ways flashing and a belt dragging on the ground. Cooling fluid and steam spewing from under the hood, we decided it was just not meant to be.

Cozy graffiti

Yarn bombing has got to be the cutest form of graffiti ever.
I just love the look of the street signs and trees in my neighbourhood snug under a knitted cozy.

Do you suppose this might be the work of the same artists who did the Spins & Needles installation at Winterlude?

I'm a little jealous of the knitters I know. I love how they can be watching tv or enjoying drinks with friends and making socks or even thongs at the same time.

I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden baby

this kid is more hardcore than I'll ever be
I've said it before, but volunteering at Bluesfest is a great gig.

As if Chris and I weren't busy enough already, we'll be spending a good part of the next week and a half pouring beer and taking in some awesome concerts.

Where does all the time go?

Life is so busy these days.

We've got an ever-expanding list of things to do and as we've both been working serious overtime at our day jobs we've barely had time to keep up with the basics like dishes and laundry. Actually, the laundry is a lost cause; our pile of dirty clothes has grown to over 4 feet tall.

To make matters worse, we just put in an offer on a house. Oh, and we've both come down with one of those terrible summer colds.

Hopefully the drugs will kick in and I'll be able to start crossing more things off the list this weekend. First off, I'm going to find some clean clothes to put on and pour myself another coffee.