Cozy graffiti

Yarn bombing has got to be the cutest form of graffiti ever.
I just love the look of the street signs and trees in my neighbourhood snug under a knitted cozy.

Do you suppose this might be the work of the same artists who did the Spins & Needles installation at Winterlude?

I'm a little jealous of the knitters I know. I love how they can be watching tv or enjoying drinks with friends and making socks or even thongs at the same time.


RealGrouchy said…
I've noticed those around, too. Pretty neat in theory, but do they weather well?

- RG>
Allison said…
They've been up there for at least a few weeks (I noticed them before Bluesfest) and they're still looking pretty good. I guess if they ever got too gross it would be pretty easy for someone to cut them down without harming whatever they were keeping cozy.

They've already lasted longer than those Charlie Brown zigzags.

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