Where does all the time go?

Life is so busy these days.

We've got an ever-expanding list of things to do and as we've both been working serious overtime at our day jobs we've barely had time to keep up with the basics like dishes and laundry. Actually, the laundry is a lost cause; our pile of dirty clothes has grown to over 4 feet tall.

To make matters worse, we just put in an offer on a house. Oh, and we've both come down with one of those terrible summer colds.

Hopefully the drugs will kick in and I'll be able to start crossing more things off the list this weekend. First off, I'm going to find some clean clothes to put on and pour myself another coffee.


RealGrouchy said…
You call that a 'big list'? I've got a list that size each day, just about! (Not that I actually do them each day)

Suggestions on resolving some of your items:
- I can get you a 12x12x9 box, or a 12x9x9 box. (Or, for that matter, a 12x12x10 box). Assuming you're talking inches.

- I recommend Kunstadt Sports on Bank in the Glebe for bike fixing. Good, fast service. Quality mechanics.

- I might have a spare flux capacitor in an old milk crate somewhere (or did you mean a fake one for a costume?)

- You can drop off your laundry at the place at the corner. It costs a bit more, but worth it if you've got more money than time (I guess that's what you need the flux capacitor for?)

Hope some of this is helpful!

You've also inspired me to write a blog post on lists. I shall embark on doing this now.

- RG>

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