"Where Lesbian Separatist Commune Meets Storybook Gardens"

Our trip to Toronto to pick up the doomed GMC wasn't a total loss. While vehicle shopping was an epic fail, we enjoyed a lovely little mini vacation and I gained a new appreciation for the city.

We stayed at the Gladstone Hotel, a boutique hotel with 37 rather unique artist-designed rooms. Our room, 304, featured a floor to ceiling furry carpet mural of naked ladies frolicking in a valley. Designed by Allyson Mitchell (who also did the large sculpture we're posing in front of in this post), the room was interesting, to say the least, and surprisingly cozy.

the "fairy glen"

The Gladstone is in a cool hipster neighbourhood filled with neat shops, restaurants and bars. We enjoyed delicious bison burgers and spiked lemonade at Stampede Bison Grill before ordering their incredible vegetarian poutine to take back to the hotel with us. Why is good food in Toronto so much cheaper than in Ottawa?

why yes, those are CN Tower nipples

The hotel was hosting a burlesque festival, so on top of some awesome people watching, we got to see a Dr. Sketchy exhibit and a collection of bedazzled bras. Toronto's Dr. Sketchy looks like it's about a million times more fun than the Ottawa version, but that's probably the case for most things.


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