Ice cream in a jar! It works!

When I first saw this diy tutorial, it sounded too good to be true. I immediately thought of Burning Man. Could we really bring the gift of ice cream to the playa without power and with little more than a few everyday ingredients and ice?

It turns out we can!

We tested it out tonight and were rewarded with a delicious treat.

Step 1: Fill jar with coarse salt and ice. Put cream, sugar and vanilla in a ziploc bag in the jar.

Step 2: Shake it like a polaroid picture!

Step 3: Remove bag from the jar.

Step 4: Enjoy delicious ice cream!

Now we just need to collect a bunch of jars so we can share frozen dessert with the citizens of Black Rock City. 

If we have enough time, I'd also like to decorate the jars so they are more likely to become useful containers and not moop.


I remember a friend showing me that back in high school - he did it in a ziplock bag.

I have a whole bag of mason jars I wish I could give you!
Annah said…
This is the second post I read about ice cream today. You guys are killing me. Yum yum yum-eeeee
"Sam" said…
you can always get cheap Mason Canning Jars (homemade pickle jars) since no one (but me) makes pickles anymore and when grandma dies, they're still in the garage. Since I give mine away, I search on CraigsList a few times a year.
"Sam" said…
Mason Jars. search Craigs List. When Granny dies, no oen seems to want them. I thnk I might be the only pickle maker left.

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