Playa dust and pickletinis party


After being gone for a month, Chris and I were eager to see all our friends again and tell them all about our travels. What better way to show them what we saw on the road than to subject them to a slideshow party?
With the help of a borrowed projector and gifted screen, we projected the best of the 1065 photos we took on the way to and from Burning Man onto our living room wall.

What we ate: Since we were already feeling a little nostalgic about our vacation, we served foods that reminded us of the road trip.
Most popular drink: Thanks to Duty Free we currently have a very well stocked bar, so we were happy to serve up some potent mixed drinks for our friends. 

Chris and I discovered the awesomeness that is a Black Rock City Pickletini after one of our bikes broke down and we spent an afternoon hanging out at pimp-yr-bike while the guys there tried to fix the vintage European folding bike's inner tube.

Chris' Dirty Playatini
2 parts dill pickle juice
1 part vermouth
4 parts vodka
shake over ice and garnish with a mini dill pickle

Allison's Sweet Pickletini
2 parts sweet gerkin juice (strained)
1 part vodka
stirred and served with a mini gerkin

Soundtrack for the night: For road trip tunes, I highly recommend CBC Radio 3's mix tapes. The podcasts for 2006 and 2007 are especially good.


Laura said…
As a huge fan of dill pickles AND martini's - I will be making this recipe. Oh yeah! Thanks you. :)

p.s. just catching up on your burning man posts...the superman costumes are brilliant.
c.j. said…
I'm sad that I have been unable to keep up with you and your adventures/creations. However, I am trying to now catch up. I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned cheese curds from WI. You know, the best time to eat them is when they are fresh out of the vat. I'd take you to a cheese factory here if you visited!

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