Ottawa invasion

Space invader spotted on Bank Street.

Is this part of the global invasion?


RealGrouchy said…
Have you also seen the one at U of O, on the Colonel By side of the underpass at Campus station? It's been there for years.

- RG>
Rachel Thistle said…
Nifty! Will have to keep an eye out for it.
Allison said…
I totally forgot about the invader at the U of O, but now that you mention it RG, I remember seeing it there last winter. I'll have to check it out again next time I'm down that way.
Unknown said…
I saw a guy with this image of the 3-D space invaders on his t-shirt

I thought that was a cool re-incorporation of a design that is very much part of our culture ...
Anonymous said…
Do you know exactly the address on bank street, I searching it with google street view
Thank you, Thierry

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