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We're not the only ones

My family isn't alone in going the handmade route this holiday season. There's a great letter from the editor on Instructables about the value of homemade gifts and Anna over at Door Sixteen is also encouraging everyone to make or buy handmade this year.

I've been busy crafting a bunch of different gifts but since some of my friends and family have been known to read this blog on occasion, I can't post much about my progress. I'd hate to ruin the surprise.

Instead, here are some awesome projects that I'd love to try but don't currently have anyone on my list to give them to.

I don't think a bubblegum pink wild boar rug would really work with any of my friends' decor, but I think it's awesome. Hemi*Housewife describes how she made it over on Craftster.

Who doesn't love candy? The toughest part would be choosing what to depict and which candy to use. Your friend's favourite pet in Skittles? The Millenium Falcon in Nerds for that Star Wars …

Who says pirates get to have all the fun?

Liz made this great variation on the kidnapped mermaid costume. I love it!

New yarn bombing in the neighbourhood

It's starting to get a little chilly in Ottawa, so it was nice to see that someone gave this sign post a cute sweater to wear for the winter.

Mermaids beware! Pirate kidnappings on the rise

I just love it when people send me photos of costumes inspired by my instructables. Looks like quite a few mermaids were caught by pirates this halloween!
Shedata used a pool cover to make that awesome bubbly fin.

Sojournerc made the costume in a way that allowed her beautiful daughter to escape her pirate captor and run around as a free mermaid whenever she wanted.

Lyric's costume won a costume contest. Looks like she had lots of other mermaids and mermen to keep her company.

You can see the original instructable for Andrea's kidnapped mermaid costume here.

And this happens to be the 33rd photo I've taken this month

Bertha hit 333333 km yesterday. She's still chugging along but I think we're going to have to find somewhere to store her for the winter. Winter street parking in Ottawa is ridiculous.

Butterflies and beer

When my mom drew names for the Christmas gift exchange I got my brother's fiance. Despite the fact that she's been dating my brother for years and they'll be married in a little over a month, I don't actually know that much about her tastes. All I know is she likes butterflies, beer and my brother.

It's not much to go on but etsy proved to be a treasure trove of potential gift ideas.

Butterflies and Beer

dubbel beer-rings
rebrewedcreati... $20.00

Extra hugs and kisses for Nim in the meantime

I really appreciate all the kind words and condolences from everyone.

I wish Noi could have lasted long enough to meet the two baby girls we'll be welcoming into our home in December. We hate to see Nim all alone, but hopefully she won't be too lonely for long.

photos from Ratterie des 3-rives

Noi goes under the knife again

Our little girl has developed another lump. She did so well recovering from the last surgery that we're hoping she"ll be just fine after they remove this new tumor today.

Update: Unfortunately the tumor was much worse than expected and Noi did not survive the surgery. We will miss her very much.

baby Noi

Fun finds at the vintage sale

fashionistas clearly need their morning coffee fix
As usual, Chris and I didn't find much that fit us at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale today, but we did walk away with a few treasures.

Chris got a tie and some shiny cuff links and I found a really cool hat.

This Knights Templar feather hat once belonged to a Robert A. Barhydt and since the label inside says "The M.C. Lilley Co." it must have been made before 1925! I feel like I should wear it when fighting pirates.

Christmas Challenge

When my parents were in town we had a chance to talk face to face about all sorts of things, including Christmas gifts. I'm from a big family, not Duggar big, but big enough, and in recent years the amount of stuff we exchange over the holidays has gotten a bit overwhelming.

My folks have been talking about drawing names and focusing on handmade items for a while and this year we've decided to finally give it a shot.

So here are the rules

Gifts can be any or all of the following:
-handmade by yourself
-handmade by someone else
-vintage / thrifted / second hand

I'm really excited about this.  I'm going to try to apply the rules to all the gifts I give this year.

Taking Little Al for a walk

My dinosaur isn't completely finished but he still managed to turn a lot of heads over the Halloween weekend.

We still need to tweak a few little things and attach the allosaurus legs.

How do you follow up a kidnapped mermaid?

One of the problems with making awesome Halloween costumes is coming up with ways to out do them the following year. After last year's kidnapped mermaid, expectations for Andrea's costume were pretty high. Not one to disappoint, she came up with another impressive idea with just as much exposed navel.

I've posted full instructions on how we made her genie on a flying carpet costume over on instructables.