Noi goes under the knife again

Our little girl has developed another lump. She did so well recovering from the last surgery that we're hoping she"ll be just fine after they remove this new tumor today.

Update: Unfortunately the tumor was much worse than expected and Noi did not survive the surgery. We will miss her very much.

baby Noi


Suzi McGowen said…
I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.
Dani said…
Ohh, that's really sad to hear. Kindness and nibbles to Nim, who I'm sure is missing Noi very much
The lurker who's been reading for over a year because you're crazy creative and inspiring but read past the first post she found because you had rats, and people who keep rats are usually good people.
Suzi McGowen said…
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Laura said…
I'm sorry for your loss.

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