Taking Little Al for a walk

My dinosaur isn't completely finished but he still managed to turn a lot of heads over the Halloween weekend.

We still need to tweak a few little things and attach the allosaurus legs.


LauraA said…
Absolutely amazing! I would have done a double take if I saw you in the park that's for sure!
Paul-Joseph said…
You should finish the costume and then make a video running a little. :-)
K_tigress said…
Oh those are cool. Reminds me of Dinotopia. Oh and in case your interested here's the guy who writes the books. You really should check out his art work. Its really amazing.
K_tigress said…
Oops I forgot to post his blog.

Very cool stuff like I said.
Allison said…
Chris and I are big fans of Dinotopia!
I've been following James Gurney's blog for a while now :)
Anonymous said…
Awesome. Like you didn't know!

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