We're not the only ones

My family isn't alone in going the handmade route this holiday season. There's a great letter from the editor on Instructables about the value of homemade gifts and Anna over at Door Sixteen is also encouraging everyone to make or buy handmade this year.

I've been busy crafting a bunch of different gifts but since some of my friends and family have been known to read this blog on occasion, I can't post much about my progress. I'd hate to ruin the surprise.

Instead, here are some awesome projects that I'd love to try but don't currently have anyone on my list to give them to.

I don't think a bubblegum pink wild boar rug would really work with any of my friends' decor, but I think it's awesome. Hemi*Housewife describes how she made it over on Craftster.

Who doesn't love candy? The toughest part would be choosing what to depict and which candy to use. Your friend's favourite pet in Skittles? The Millenium Falcon in Nerds for that Star Wars fan on your list? The possibilities are endless! Full instructions on how to make it happen are on Make: Projects.


RealGrouchy said…
I like my glove/mitten rack. It's functional, if simple. And edgy in its own way.

- RG>
K_tigress said…
Oh love that boar idea. Now that would be cool in monster and prehistoric mammal too.
I would so have those in my house. That is if I had my own house. Heck If I had an office rental/studio I would so have that as a decor.

Also I would purposely have a pet rat if I had my own house.
My way of being a rebel and shedding the release of being smothered.

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