Nothing says Christmas like zombies and Scooby Doo

Our friends hosted an awesome gingerbread building contest. With so much delicious gingerbread and candy, our team obviously went a little overboard.

 Clearly the trouble started when the Mystery Machine ran over one of the undead.

Watch out behind you Scooby!

 Fred is so dead.

We managed to tie for last place. Maybe the judges haven't seen the Threadless shirt.


Laura said…
Love the Scooby Doo theme! (I don't see Velma's glasses...did someone eat them?) What a fun idea for a party too.
K_tigress said…
As Homer would say "mmmmmm ginger bread" and then proceed to eat all.
Pauline said…
What a cool project! Love it!
Megs said…
Definitely first place in my opinion Allison! I am blown away by your creativity

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