Introducing Juniper and Potato

Here are the newest additions to our little household: Juniper and Potato. Born October 29, 2010 at La Ratterie des Trois-Rives, these two little girls are settling into life at the tta quite nicely.

We thought naming them Juniper and Potato was a step up from calling them Gin and Vodka.

Other rejected names (mostly cut because they'd be better suited for boys than our lovely little ladies):
-Bebop & Rocksteady
-Threepio & Artoo
-Rosencrantz & Guildenstern


RealGrouchy said…
Ah, I'd meant to ask you about them. Glad to see the cage reoccupied!

- RG>
Anonymous said…
Gin-gin and Po sound fancy and exotic. :) Or Juni. Juni and PoPo. Nah, that sounds Eurosilly.
Meg said…
Amazingly adorable! Can't wait to meet them!

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