Resolutions for 2011

 taking down the tree last week

Now that the craziness of Christmas is over, I've been thinking a lot about what the year ahead will be like. Around this time last year I was dreaming up a big adventure for Chris and I. It was something to look forward to while in the middle of an Ottawa winter; something to make me feel a little less like a grown-up.

My resolutions for 2011 seem to be pointing me in the opposite direction but, strangely, I'm still looking forward to crossing them off my big to do list.

1. Get organized: this will likely be an ongoing struggle, but I want to start 2011 off right by turning our "den" into useful space and sorting out a solution for my dresser-breaking collection of clothes

2. Buy a house: while Chris and I have already been actively house hunting for over a year, I think we can finally "find the one," and hopefully the finances to buy it, in 2011

And since those two resolutions (especially #2) are very likely to turn me into a mature, responsible adult, I'd better add one more.

3. Whenever possible, don't be boring: costumes, crafts and general craziness are de rigueur for 2011


Pauline said…
My husband and I are also hoping to buy a house soon. Hopefully next year we will do it!

Best of luck in your house hunt!
Laura said…
Buying a house is so exciting. Good luck with the hunt this year. Add costumes and it sounds like it will be the best year ever. :)

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