What I'm working on right now

I really liked using papier maché pulp when I was working on Little Al's head. If you've got scrap paper and glue on hand it doesn't cost anything to make and gives you a lot more freedom than strips of paper dipped in paste.

It's really easy to make. First you shred, rip and cut up paper until you have a bucket full of little paper pieces and then you fill the bucket with water and let it soak for a few hours. This time around I used a lot of black tissue paper that came with a gift basket Chris got at work and it gave the pulp a darker colour.

The paper and water go for a spin in the blender and then the mixture gets strained and all the water gets squeezed out.

You then add flour and water paste to hold it all together and salt to keep it from going gross.

I also like to add a generous helping of white glue. The end result is a clay-like substance than can be molded like play-dough and becomes very hard when dry.

So what am I using it for this time?

Inspired by our adventures south of the border, I'm making a jackalope!


Stephanie Sabbe said…
love it! I had a deer head fall off the wall earlier this year. tragic. I order a lighter, cardboard one last week...not the same

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