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10 Things I Love About Chris

from Black Rock Yearbook 2010 He makes coffee before getting into the shower every morning so I can sleep in a little longer He calls me “Peaches” so as not to confuse me with Simone, who he calls “Sweetheart”He never rushes anything (or anywhere). I know he’s always thought long and hard on something before making the right choice; he never does anything haphazardly.He takes care of me when I’m sick, when I’m in a bad mood and when my allergies are making me feel gross Promdemonium 2010 He picks me up, lifts me into the air and kisses meNot only does he put up with my crazy projects and the chaos that goes with them, he helps me accomplish more than I ever could without him. It takes a special person to live with a dinosaur blocking the hall for over a month. making a duct tape dummy He somehow makes me feel small (no easy feat!)When I’m scared at night, he’ll get out of bed to double check that all the doors are locked and then talk to me about how we could fend off zombie attacks long …

Fun with Flux & Fire

Chris and I had a great time this weekend volunteering with the crew from Flux & Fire while they were warming things up at Winterlude.

Dian Carlo in a photo by Marc Desrosiers for Metro
We hope the NCC invites artist Christine Irving and her team back soon. Ottawa could use more interactive art like this!