Fun with Flux & Fire

Chris and I had a great time this weekend volunteering with the crew from Flux & Fire while they were warming things up at Winterlude.

Dian Carlo in a photo by Marc Desrosiers for Metro

We hope the NCC invites artist Christine Irving and her team back soon. Ottawa could use more interactive art like this!


Laura said…
This is SO cool! How did you get involved in this? I wish I saw it live, but the video is super.
Pauline said…
Very cool, but why are there people standing around in the middle? Seems like a bad place to stand..
Allison said…
We know some of the people involved in Flux & Fire from the welding workshop we took in Toronto. They're the same awesome group of artists who put together The Heart Machine.

The camera angle makes it seem like the photographers were much closer to the flames than they really were. Don't worry, no one was really in danger of catching on fire. Well, not much danger anyways...

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