Currently obsessed with: The End of the World, and Pinterest

Chris and I have both been sick for the past few weeks, so we haven't done much beyond sitting on the couch watching post-apocalyptic movies. Maybe it stems from the zombie movie marathon we hosted on New Year's day, but lately I've had an appetite for movies about the end of the world. On the list of the movies we've watched in the last two weeks: Tank Girl, Mad Max (all 3 - although the second is by far the best), Waterworld, The Road, Cherry 2000, Hell Comes to FrogtownCyborg and Cyborg 2 (not nearly as good as the first one despite having Angelina Jolie in it).

One thing most of these movies have in common is fantastic fashion. The movie costumes have got me fantasizing about future outfits worthy of Burning Man's Death Guild or a killer post-apocalyptic party. Having recently signed up for pinterest, obviously I started a pin board to save all my favourite inspiration for dieselpunk disaster wear.

Living downtown in the capital, should all hell break loose, Chris and I are either doomed or in a good position to mooch off the government's emergency response plans. Nevertheless, after reading this awesome post on life after the earthquake in Christchurch I am comforted by the knowledge that we can always count on having a good supply of alcohol at home.

small step towards resolution #1

But we might need to start hoarding an extra emergency stash somewhere as the newly-organized kitchen's collection of bottles aren't likely to survive even a small tremor.


Anonymous said…
You've probably seen the stuff with that look that I've linked to on my blog. Having been poking around for it (a Mad Max, post-apocolyptic bad-ass warriory look) I think there's a dearth of options (as far as affordable retail).

Of course, having said that it'll be the next steampunk and this time next year I'll be whining about how people stole my look.

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