It's not every day that my crafts get mentioned in the Citizen

Promdemonium was amazing!
Chris and I are still recovering from all the fun (and hard work).

I was so busy partying that I forgot to take pictures of all the fantastic decorations we worked on, but luckily some other folks have posted great photos and the official photo booth pictures should be up soon.

Photo by Ming Wu
Photo by Ming Wu

As alluded to in this post's title, the decor got some good press which you can read here.

If you're curious about how we made the glowing prom-wear lamps, stay tuned. I've got a full instructable in the works.


Pauline said…
Sounds like it was a blast! :)
Megs said…
Wow, the decorations look amazing! Congrats - that record archway is the bomb

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